Here are some testimonials and reviews from our clients showing us some love.

Ask our clients about their experience and every story would be different β€” but with a common thread running through them: Results. Unexpected results. More-than-expected results. Life-changing results.

Edna is always ready to assist someone in need she is a very powerful inspiration speaker. she is a phenomenal motivator. she will keep you on your toes Edna is a lovely person to be around. ~ Cynthia K.

This lady is awesome she is a very loving and spiritual person. I will always have her close to my heart. Love this lady. Thanks for all your support. ~ Pastor Moses

Edna is amazing ! She is very knowledgeable and has a good way of connecting with others. She is a rare breed, not to many people have a heart like she does. ~ Omari H.

Edna represent fresh inspiration!! A breath of pure fresh air that clears away the stale old air and debris that has accumulated and brings in the fresh new beginnings!! She speaks the unadulterated truth in such love and with a big heart to support you anyway you need, anyway she can. A true mentor who does not just talk, but she walks the talk. Her testimony alone can set someone free, but she also carries great revelations and strategies that activate breakthroughs! ~ Pamela D.

I’ve connected with Ms. Edna Oct 2016. It has been nothing but valuable leadership and direction for my life. Ms. Edna provided me a one on one session that has transformed my life. I recommend Ms. Edna’s coaching and services. ~Amas Isreal

Beautiful from the inside out that’s exactly what you are Ms. White. Thank you for sharing your heart with the World. ~Simone Allison

All my conversations with Edna J. White ( in person or via social media ) has been an awesome experience for me. She shows a great deal of empathy and is very vulnerable/ impeccable with her conversations. That kind of honesty is very rare today. ~Ramona W.

Edna shines as an example for all of us. She has chosen to be a beacon of light in our world. In standing up, speaking up, finding her truth and commanding her own inner power, she leads the way to guide others just starting the journey to heal. Edna recently shared her story with us at The Woman I Love in our We Choose to Thrive Interview Series. Unafraid of sharing her story, so others can heal! Thank you, Edna! ~Becky Norwood

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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