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Have Your Made bad decisions recently in business and life?

Are You Really anxious about the future endeavors?

Do You Have confidence issues or no sense of self?

Are You procrastinating and not taking action?


Most people believe that life purpose has nothing to do with your business, yet actually it has all to do about it. Releasing your purpose has to do with Personal growth and development a transformational process, in which improvements are made in your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and/or financial state. And all these parts play an important role as an entrepreneur. From building your business to building your life, entrepreneurship isn’t an easy path to walk. Choosing to ‘work for yourself’ is choosing to “work on yourself”. It is one of the most empowering things you can do.

What Exactly IS Life Purpose Coaching?

A life purpose coach mentors people who might be at a turning point in their life, feeling unfulfilled, not sure which path to choose, or are feeling ‘stuck’ in the same patterns of behaviour. 

Life purpose coaching helps you to discover your purpose, supporting you in living a happier and more fulfilling life.

What Results Do We Get for YOU?

  1. Find a deeper level of happiness and fulfilment
  2. Uncover your deep-seated desires and purpose
  3. Identify specific dreams and life goals
  4. Create a plan and commit to consistent effort in achieving that plan, whilst making adjustments and overcoming any obstacles as necessary
  5. Consider your mindset and the impact that negative thoughts has on your mental/physical health and life in general
  6. Implement success habits and the law of attraction for optimal goal achievement

You will be encouraged to results-based positive actions, rather than looking back at past events and outcomes.

You will be encouraged to find ways to free yourself from old mindsets and patterns, so you can move forward and find a deeper level of fulfilment in your life.

What is Our Focus?

  1. Plans, goals and strategies
  2. Celebrating achievements, no matter how big or small
  3. Creating a positive mindset and ‘can do’ attitude
  4. Finding creativity, passion and soul purpose within themselves

Who do I help?

Help women who suffered from childhood trauma to find their purpose in life to create their successful  business.

Help women who are trying to find meaning in life and business so they are no longer feeling stuck or unable to grow.

Help financially successful women who are still unhappy, feeling stuck, and don’t know their next steps.

•Women in a business or a career who have realized that they need a change

•Women who have raised their children and they are in careers that supported them but now there is an emptiness and they feel frustrated like they do not belong

•Women who have been doing and working for others and now want  to self-satisfy their purpose and make money doing it.

•Professional Women who have done well and now looking for more meaning and growth.

Fees for Service:

  1. 3 sessions at 90 minutes each $997
  2. 6 life purpose 90 minute sessions $1997
  3. Purpose to Profit- business coaching- 12 week 90 minutes session weekly module program $2997 per month
  4. Group Coaching 3 sessions a month at $500 pp in 3 or more in a group on client centered topic of choice 
  5. Business Consulting – Your Purpose to Profit 12 week program with modules $2997 per month- 1 session weekly for 90 minutes or Group Sessions of 5 or more at 3 sessions a month Get started changing your life today Schedule an appointment.

I Had the privilege of working with Edna J. White. She made me feel secure in sharing with her. She guided me with respect and thoughtfulness while helping me navigate where I wanted to go. She is truly a asset to anyone who works with her from someone who loves your service. – Synethia Grainger

Edna is amazing ! She is very knowledgeable and has a good way of connecting with others. She is a rare breed, not to many people have a heart like she does. –Omari Heflin

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