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Edna J. White

I am a survivor, I am a mother, a teacher, a speaker, a life purpose coach, a business evangelist, a successful real estate broker, and best selling author. I pushed through all the stuff and used my experience to guide others to do their inner work to heal and break old patterns to their lives on purpose and make a business that makes money and gives them the freedom they want. I am also a podcast host. Listen in at Keeping it Real on Purpose !

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Coaching is a transformative process where we work together 1:1 to explore your limiting beliefs, habits, and mindset. We co-create a strategy to help you get to the place where you are fulfilled and confidently living your best life unapologetically. We aim to equip you to find strategies to move forward from the generational trauma that has led many Black women to accept and often embrace the false narrative that we are less than others.  Our past trauma, hurts and upbringing can leave behind pebbles of self-doubt. When compiled, it can equate to a mountain of wasted energy.  This wasted energy shows up as self-sabotage in the form of:  distraction, low self-esteem, comparison, imposter syndrome, limited emotional intelligence, and the list goes on. 

Though coaching is not therapy, my services help women who have done, or are in the process of completing, the deep work to heal their trauma and are now looking for tools and accountability to put a plan in action to GROW.THRIVE.FLOURISH.


  • Address & remove the generational habits, limiting beliefs & behaviors that are keeping you in bondage mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually & financially.
  • Take off your mask so that you can gain clarity on who you are, what you want, what you don’t want & fearlessly love all of you.
  • Evolve into the woman God destined you to be and confidently embrace, honor & express your authentic self unapologetically.
  • Hang up your Superwoman cape to focus on removing the self-sabotaging barriers that are stunting your growth, no longer serving you & have you living your life in defense mode.
  • Fearlessly create & live the life you want & deserve without guilt or apology.


We’ll work together to establish your goals and determine the best way for you to get started.

Personalized Strategic Plan

We’ll find the best solution considering your unique needs, experience and skills.

Step By Step Plan

No more guesswork; you’ll know at each moment what you have to do next.


I’ve made many mistakes over the years. Let me help you avoid them in your own business & life.

Solid Foundation

You’ll learn how to create a real business that solves people’s problems.


The only ethical way of making money is by helping others. You’ll learn how to achieve that goal.

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