Meet Edna White, Your Life Purpose Coach

Edna J. White

My coaching services were born out of my work with youth in the community as a minister.

The children I was working with had traumas on their hearts and stresses from their parents lack of, on their minds.

I created a program called “How to Scream without Yelling”, a course to help children 9-14 years old journal their thoughts to be able to voice what they feel.

I quickly learned that adult church goers are just those children only more set into patterns and habits that they kept repeating that made each generation unhappy and less fulfilled.

As a childhood sexual abuse thriver, I now turn my experience, skills and education to help those who show up in the world spilling out their unresolved hurts on others whether it be in their relationships or at work.

I combined my love and work in my community, education, skills, a dab of talent, years of instructing in real estate and ESL now to add life on purpose to all that I touch no matter what work or assignment I am on.

I live life purposefully and teach other Women of Color to do the same and helping them helps their children.  

Coaching is a transformative process where we work together 1:1 to explore your limiting beliefs, habits, and mindset. We co-create a strategy to help you get from Purpose to Performance. We aim to equip you to find strategies to move forward from the being stuck and let go the false narrative that you are less than others.  We get rid of self-doubt. We turn up the energy.  No more wasted energy distraction, low self-esteem, comparison, imposter syndrome, limited emotional intelligence, and so on. 

Though coaching is not therapy, my services help women who have done, or are in the process of completing, the deep work to heal their trauma and are now looking for tools and accountability to put a plan in action to PERFORMANCE.

  • Address & remove the unproducing habits, limiting beliefs & behaviors that are keeping you in bondage mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually & financially.
  • Take off your mask so that you can gain clarity on who you are, what you want, what you don’t want & fearlessly love all of you.
  • Embrace confidence, honor & express your authentic self.
  • Hang up your Superwoman cape to focus on removing the self-sabotaging barriers that are stunting your growth, no longer serving you & have you living your life in defense mode.
  • Fearlessly create & live the life you want & deserve without guilt or apology.

Take Action. No Excuses. Just Results!

Hey, I’m Coach Edna White, tell you more about how I can help your business.  

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