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About us

We are committed to improving the lives of women in the underserved and underrepresented communities and ensuring the brighter future of women around the world by providing resources, and coaching by

  • providing safe space through housing initiatives
  • support path is to self-sufficiency through education and workforce development
  • encouraging well-being and better health equity outcomes
  • and an overall commitment to diversity equity and inclusion efforts that impact the quality of life. 

Our team of respected intuitive coaches, and instructors that have over 20 + years of experience teaching people how to develop their own internal sources so they can experience optimum external results. We maintain a practical focus, helping women impact their lives directly in concrete ways.

We can help you have confidence and clarity around your next steps without feeling overwhelmed, directionless or stuck to fulfill your purpose, and to grow entrepreneurial vision.

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Supportive Housing & Shelters Workforce Preparation & Job Readiness

Social Issues & Determinants such as homelessness, literacy, child abuse prevention & trauma

Economic Empowerment -solutions that provide equitable access to the knowledge, skills and resources that women need to support themselves andtheir families toward resilience, independence and economic security

Corporate & Employee Consulting

Facilitating authentic conversations inside teams helps to cultivate a sense of belonging, sustainability and purpose. I collaborate with a diverse set of coaches, weavers, storytellers and facilitators, to help organizations and networks imagine new ways of building authentic relationships, crate diversity , equity and inclusion increasing autonomy and exposing colonized views of the work that keep them from accomplishing their team purpose. Call directly for information at 631-295-8631.


I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the great result you achieved in my life. I felt safe and understood. The professionalism, care, and consideration for my needs has been superb. I will be recommending you to every person I know looking for mental wellness help in the future!

— Kristin S.

I was extremely happy with the the result I achieved. Throughout the process my coach, Ms. White was professional, polite, yet firm and directed to make me the best I could be. I could not have asked for anyone better to help me build my confidence and my business revenue.

— S. Murphy


+1 631 295 8631

11 West Main Street
Riverhead, East Long Island, NY 11901

Why work with this life coach?

Like when choosing between different therapists or other mental health professionals, it’s important that your life coach empathizes with and deeply understands the struggles that you face.

If you are Black or African American, you may face trauma, racism, and microaggressions on a day-to-day basis. These experiences can create a deeply embedded pain within, that a white counselor or life coach would never be able to truly understand. They might be able to support you and make you feel somewhat heard, but they aren’t going to be able to speak to the racial trauma that you might be facing and therefore would not be able to support you as well as a black life coach might.

Black life coaches can help you feel understood without adding intentional or unintentional prejudices. White life coaches and therapists might, at most, brush on diversity studies during their schooling. This lack of cultural competence can lead to blindness about their own prejudices, and can cause harmful stereotyping that leaves those in the African American community receiving second-rate care.

Mental healthcare has historically been a racist and prejudicial system. Black people are more likely to be misdiagnosed within the mental health field, simply because counselors and therapists are not properly trained in cultural competence. This leads to unconscious biases, which in turn lead to misunderstandings and misdiagnosis, causing unnecessary suffering for clients.

Implicit bias and racial disparities have always been a problem within the mental health community. There have been many studies done that prove black people are not given the same quality of health care as white people. While there is a spotlight on these issues, it is far from being resolved in a way that will promote sustainable equality. That’s why it’s so important to find a mental health professional who truly understands who you are and recognizes the shared experiences of trauma within the African American community that affect all of its members.

Who is the founder, Edna J. White?

Edna White is an Author, a Speaker, an Instructor & Life Purpose Coach.  She is internationally recognize for her work as an inspiration to all she touches by teaching them to love themselves, speak out and live authentically.  Her recognized works include mindset coaching that helps you know how to get unstuck by  breaking generational patterns of traumas.   

Edna White photo credit to Susan Elise Shiebler Photography

Edna White is an Experienced life purpose coach with over 15 years of experience partnering with clients, developing positive practices, and offering general guidance. Skilled in counseling clients in issues such as trauma recovery, life purpose, self love, career & business revenue building, black mental wellness, and mindset coaching to unlock the full potential. Previously worked with clients ranging in age from 13 to 76 and implemented various mindset approach principles that were significantly received and recommended for implementation throughout the organization. Also improved client moves out of homelessness rate from 45 percent to 91 percent during the time spent working with the nonprofit organization.  Continues to serve major organizations with employee retention initiatives.

Not only has Edna coached hundreds of students in middle school through grad school, she now trains all over the world as her unique, powerful, and inspiring self transforming people into voracious thrivers through her signature courses S. P. E. A. K  Step Pass the Edge of Abuse Program TM.    

She has received LIBN Black Business Owner Diversity & Inclusion Award winner, Of Colors Diversity Black History honoree, 2022 Alignable Business of the Year, 2018 Business Member of the Year with Chamber of Commerce Councils, and many more.  Ms. White is a specialist in the housing industry who has created numerous courses and books to assist those who serve the homeless to help create sustainability for their clients and participants.  

Yet, all that doesn’t matter without the results for my clients and students! Let me show you how to

⇒ Acknowledge, root out and end generational patterns & habits that get you stuck and stopped

⇒ Increase your confidence

⇒ Crystal clear business clarity

⇒ Upgrade your mindset & be limitless

⇒ Make more money

⇒ Create soul & purposed business alignment

⇒ Attract your soulmate clients who want you

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