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The key to a happier life is understanding how valuable you are (and what you value).

Are you Feeling stuck?

Are you really anxious about future endeavors?

Do you have confidence issues or no sense of self?

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Whatever the goal—getting a promotion, earning a higher salary or having more time—women often undervalue themselves. For men, it’s pretty much the opposite. Men are raised to make money—not only for themselves but for women and children, too. They’ve been in on the money conversation from the start, so they’re at ease with thinking of themselves as worth a certain amount. Women are newer at the earning thing, so it’s tougher for us to think this way.

Here’s a forgotten fact: Even in our supposedly unbiased world, little boys are more likely to be paid for their chores; little girls are more often asked to help out for free.

It’s not too surprising, then, that by the time we’re ready to work for a living, we have disparate attitudes about the value of our skills. Men believe they’re worth a certain salary, and that it’s up to them to get that amount out of their employer. Women think they’re worth what people are willing to pay. In other words, we let others determine our worth, whereas men set their own price.

Women aren’t comfortable putting themselves in situations where they might be envied or judged. Through our coaching partnership, we’ll work toward your vision while focusing on the obstacles and creating a path to profit.

Yet being powerful has its benefits. The more power you have, the more money you’re likely to earn. The more money you earn, the greater your ability to steer your own life. Money is inherently tied to self-determination.

First, though, you have to change the way you look at yourself and what you have to offer. 

  • focus on pinpointing where you’re at today and how you got there.
  • determine where you want to go and what is standing in your way.
  • discover strategies that will help you arrive at your vision.
  • utilizing assessments to understand your God-given energy and gifts.
  • evaluating your core values and beliefs to set new priorities.
  • set attainable and realistic goals.
  • recognize the what the traumas have caused that limited belief and break it.

Why Work with Me?

 To those smart, diligent women, that probably assume they can’t possibly be good enough for

(a) a raise,

(b) a promotion or

(c) getting paid actual money for what they’ve always considered to be an unserious hobby (painting or writing, for instance), I help you come up with a bigger dream, including the financial part.

Thinking bigger means taking bigger risks. Many women won’t ask a question unless they’re sure the answer will be yes. I help you realize women have to go for what they want, and not go for what they think they can get. Being passive, women are doing themselves—and their bank accounts—an injustice. The gifted gals I work with take their first step to changing their thinking to acknowledge a goal, whether that’s turning your hobby into a lucrative enterprise or earning seven figures.

Here’s some things you should expect:

1. Make More Money

If you’re not making money, you really don’t have a business.

2. Work More Efficiently

It’s crucial that the time you spend working and growing your business turns into results, fast.

3. Overcome Underearning

If your goal is to make more money, network with successful women.

4. Keeping What You’ve Built

When you work for someone else, everything you do is for them.  When you own it, what you build belongs to you. It is the opportunity to truly design and create the life you want. Being purpose driven doesn’t mean you have to “scrape by” or that you earn “less” than you are worth.

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Edna White, Your Life Purpose Coach that helps You Know Your Worth & Get More of What You Deserve.

Life Purpose Coaching Specialist who is Committed to:

  • A results-driven process
  • Objective, thought-provoking questions
  • Constructive and immediate feedback
  • Solutions and options
  • Intuitive and empathetic listening
  • Coachable moments
  • Successful action plans
  • Identifying ways of overcoming obstacles
  • Plan implementation
  • Support through follow-up
  • Actionable feedback
  • Absolute confidentiality

What Makes Me Different then Other Coaches?

I totally get it…I’ve paid for help and gotten burned, too. It’s hard to find someone you trust. Someone who ‘gets’ you. Of the many things I’ve learned in my 22+ years of being a small business owner, trusting your gut is crucial. But, that comes with experience. I’ll only use MY PERSONAL experience to help you. I’ve been there and done that. I’m a business owner. And that’s what I’ll use to help you succeed, the way that I have.

Because I’ve owned my business since 1999. During that time, I’ve keep my business moving forward thru the Great Recession, the COVID Pandemic, multiple banks, locations, market ups and downs. I share personal stories with my clients, both successes and failures, so they can learn to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities.

Let me help you:

  • Cast a Wider Net
  • Name a specific number
  • Talk Yourself Up
  • Make a Vow and Keep it

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January 2022